Flower children as decoration for your nature table

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Discover at Tanjas Blumenkinder handmade decorative figures in Waldorf style around the seasonal table, for seasonal decoration or an original gift for a loved one. Not only for the beautification of your home, also as shop window decoration for your store my figures are suitable in the best way. Mostly you find in my offer for the season table flower children and season figures for every season, figures for the special occasion, gnomes and dwarves, sky figures, as well as small figurines to hang up and mobiles. In addition, there are sometimes small felt animals among the figures. Bookmarks in the form of dolls are also very popular and an ideal gift.
All offered creations are own designs and sewn or felted by hand. They are made in Waldorf style from natural materials such as wool felt, sheep's wool, fairytale wool and cotton jersey and are usually made after your order. If you don't find what you are looking for, just ask me, because some creations are only available once and cannot be reworked again.
Convince yourself of my handcraft and benefit from my years of experience!

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Snowdrop - Flower child season table
19,50 EUR
Shippingtime: 4-5 Weeks
Snowflake dwarf season table
8,50 EUR
Shippingtime: 4-5 Weeks

A flower child for your seasonal table

You already have a place for your seasonal table at home, in the Waldorf kindergarten or Waldorf school etc, but you are still missing an accompanying flower child to make it look more alive? Then this is the right place for you, because Tanjas Blumenkinder's work revolves around the seasonal table and the corresponding figures. Among the flower children you will find all seasonal figures sorted by spring, summer, autumn and winter. Matching figures to the annual celebrations or other and special occasions may not be missing of course and supplement the season table in the respective season. But the most important figures are probably the main figures like King Winter, Mother Dew and Mother Earth. And since these main figures represent the appropriate season, they are worked around some larger than the small flower children. If you like to decorate your seasonal table with an ornamental shrub in a jar, this little branch hanger or feathered gnome could be refreshed.
If this is the first time you have heard of the Season Table and would like to find out more about it, take a look at the page "The Nature Table" to find out more.