First insights into the new studio

August 5th, 2017
My new studio is finally finished!
Probably nobody knows right now what I'm talking about or that a new studio was being well as, I didn't announce anything of the kind.
Therefore for the time being a review and the backgrounds.


We already moved in June last year. Our wish was always a small half-timbered house in the Ebsdorfergrund, preferably in the village Dreihausen of the beautiful sunshine community (yes right, the community Ebsdorfergrund is really called that).
Our dream came true. Since a good year we live happily in our little house with a dream neighbourhood and feel really well.
However, I had to do without my large studio in our new home. There was just no room for that.
And so I was content with a close-up corner in the living room area. That was all right for now. If, however, you were always used to a separate working area
the conversion of an abrupt reduction is somewhat difficult. And that caused a lot of trouble for the whole family, as the living and dining room became more and more filled with my wool felt, fairy tale wool and other working materials. My head, on the other hand, became more and more filled with images of what it would be like to work in our attic.
So far so good, I did not pronounce this thought loudly at first and it remained dream images. We had only just moved house. The move already cost each of us enough strength, time and nerves. And our attic was just an unfinished (not habitable) attic as you know it from old half-timbered houses.
No insulation, no reasonable floor, no heating, no electricity, no internet etc. and therefore a lot of time, work and the financial means which would be needed.
Besides, I knew most of it would stick to my husband.
That's what the attic looked like. Creepy and earthy and untidy.

Well, at the end of last year I spoke my thoughts to my dear husband.
Well, what can I say... he was so excited and already planning and doing and doing.
I think the photo was taken already after the first evacuations, hence the chaotic confusion.
The attic had to be cleared completely...

...and the first works on the ground could begin. The floor had to be completely rebuilt, as you can see this was not possible to get a straight surface.

After a lot of work the ground was ready and the whole roof had to be insulated.
All I have of it is the picture with the slats attached to hold the insulation.

All I can say is, it really was an incredibly laborious job. Rock wool for the main insulation, then the entire roof with a weatherproof foil,
again a bottom felt completely attached and finally plasterboard. The main work was thus completed.
A few more fine works, laying electricity, wallpapering, painting, laying laminate, attaching various strips ..

I am so proud of my husband and his performance. It just got perfect.
The elaborate insulation work was valuable, because although I work under the roof and even when it is very hot the heat does not reach my room.
How do you do?
And here are some more photos right after my first installation. Not everything is as it should be, because in September there are still
a heating is installed and also still windows are renewed shortly.
Still, I can show you something.


I've been working in my new workshop for 3 weeks already, but could only report now because my availability (internet and telephone) was still playing a trick on me.
But we have now got this under control as well. At least the Internet is now working perfectly. For the phone, I'm going to have to ask for another
further apparatus as well as a separate station.
So if anyone of me should miss a feedback, order or whatever, I apologize many times. That was of course not intentional and I would be happy for the case
just contact me again.
Because this permanent move in which I have been since last year almost continuously has certainly caused a slight chaos in between. And as I already know from a few customers, orders didn't even get through to me. Because with my shop I have also moved in the meantime. I changed servers to a better provider. My old hoster had too many cancellations and it had been a long time for me to get out of the contract. Now my shop is located on an All-inkl server and I am very satisfied with the service and everything around it.

Now I think, I can finally work again fluently since all permanent construction sites are eliminated and also my head free again of everything which is not part of my sewing work.

Now I wish all of you a pleasant, sunny weekend and soon!
With kind regards from
Tanjas Blumenkinder