Heartbreaking farewell

April 11th, 2017
I am always and still happy after all these years when a creature is allowed to leave together with a companion. And as soon as a little figurine comes to life, they stay close to me and can participate in everything that happens here in the studio.
Mostly they look at me curiously to see which new friend can travel with them to their new home.
But some of them are really alive and tell me the best stories. Others want to go to the window and see what happens outside. They're allowed to do that. But such a village life can also be extremely exciting at times.
The people in the neighbourhood already know the flower children's life here and I often find one or the other walker on the way with view to my window which creature they may welcome today. There is actually a little hand waving at you. Totally cute.
I always have to watch out a little bit because I don't want to create a too close relationship to the little creatures. But I know you come to people you love very much.

But every now and then it gets difficult to separate. And this lively little lady has taken a special liking to me...

...just looking out of the window, had become somehow fast boring...

...well well, I have taken them outside for once, I usually never do that, but with so much love, ask and implore...
I couldn't say no.
The newly planted flowers were also quickly sighted and examined in detail...

I think she was very satisfied with the interesting day and I first of all got everything right.
of the little adventure in the glorious sunshine.

Well, did all this really happen the same way?

All right, now, quickly. Your new friend and companion is already ready to leave.

The two get along splendidly and complement each other wonderfully.
What kind of adventures do they have together in their new home? I'm curious.
Have a good trip, you two!

I hope you enjoyed the little flower children's story.
The main character, the ladybug girl, can be found "here