Studio Stories

Fairytale stories of the flower fairies and seasonal tables and what else happens in the studio I tell here.

First insights into the new studio

August 5, 2017

My new studio is finally finished!
Probably nobody knows right now what I'm talking about or that a new studio was being well as ... Read more


Heartbreaking farewell

April 11, 2017

I am always and still happy after all these years when a being is allowed to leave together with a companion. And as soon as a little figurine comes to life, they stay close to me and can participate in everything that happens here in the studio. Usually they look at me then quite curiously to which new friend with ... Read more


Winter commissioned work in summer Part 3

September 16, 2015

With a little delay I would like to show you the last part of my winter bulk order. You've already left, I just haven't been able to write lately. The countless feather weights and snow dwarfs were joined by snow children and winter children. It was a very refreshing job, considering that she was ... Read more


Winter commissioned work in summer Part 2

July 28, 2015

With these little snowflakes I have been busy in the last days and weeks again and again in between and now they are finished and join the many feather weights. However, the order has still not been completed. There are now a few big snow and winter children coming. I can accept other orders gladly occasionally, since I can ... Read more


Winter commissioned work in summer Part 1

June 18, 2015

I've just finished the first part of a big commission and made some pictures between the different steps... A whole army of red and white feather weights are finished now. Next up for this order are lots of snow children. But first something will be made for the shop ... Read more